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Dog wants to go for a walk? These 8 behaviors are all hints, and one of them is particularly obvious

Sep 07, 2023 21 0
Dog wants to go for a walk? These 8 behaviors are all hints, and one of them is particularly obvious

Every kind of dog has its own amount of exercise, but some owners don't know it well, and they usually walk when they have time. But if the dog does not exercise enough, he will do something to tell the owner that he still wants to go for a walk. Here are some obvious signs that a dog really wants to go for a walk.
dog sitting by the door
This is the clearest sign that they want to get out now. If a dog is used to defecating outside, once it is "urgent", it will sit at the door and want to go out. Some dogs come home after going out, but they stay there and refuse to leave, because they don’t play enough and want to go out to play.
dog lying next to your bed in the morning
Many owners walk their dogs before going out in the morning. After the dogs are familiar with this time, the biological clock will record it. At this time every morning, if the owner does not take the dog out, the dog will wake you up, bark continuously or go directly to the bed to wake you up. After you get up, it will keep turning around your feet, just want you to feed it quickly and take it out for a walk.

dog whining
When a dog whines, it usually wants to do something but fails to achieve it, and reminds the owner in this gentle way. When you come home too tired to collapse on the sofa and forget to take your dog out for a walk, some of them will go over and lie on your lap, and some of the more well-behaved dogs will lie next to you and whine to remind the owner It's not that I forgot something.
dog pacing back and forth in the room
In this case, the dog's body language is similar to that of a human. When you're annoyed by something, fidgety, or nervous, you pace the room trying to wring out a solution. Dogs will also pace back and forth to express their anxiety and anxiety. If the pace is more frequent, it looks like turning in circles in the room. Some dogs will walk to the door to hint to the owner.
dog staring at owner
Every time the owner is eating, when the dog looks at them with affectionate eyes, the owner usually can't bear it and obediently gives up a little food in his hand. The dog knows that looking at the owner is useful and can achieve what he wants, so when he wants to go for a walk, he will always look at the owner, hoping that the owner can understand.
dog sniffing the ground
If the dog is defecating outside, if you see it sniffing the ground suddenly, it means that they want to go out to defecate. Before defecating, the dog will keep sniffing the ground and then go around in circles to find a suitable place to defecate. If this is you not taking your dog out, beware of them pulling around the house. This is a less obvious hint.
dog accidentally pulled at home
If you don't take the dog out in time when the dog is sniffing the ground, it will lead to this result. You have to see how long the dog has not been out. Next time before this time, you must take them out as soon as possible to prevent them from peeing at home. If the dog is used to going to the bathroom outside, it will not be pulled at home unless it is absolutely necessary.
dog on leash
The dog came to look for the owner with a leash and a harness in its mouth. This behavior is obvious enough! The dog said that he wanted to go out to play, and even took the props by himself, so the owner had to go out. It seems that many dogs have this skill.
When dogs do these behaviors, they are more or less suggesting to the owner that it is best to take them for a walk, just in case. Dogs are animals that really like to go out for a walk. If the owner is free, try to take them out as much as possible. They can also exercise their bodies. Why not do it!


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