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Five steps create a dog's healthy "heart" life

Sep 03, 2023 18 0
Five steps create a dog's healthy

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Like humans, dogs may also suffer from heart disease. Because 95 % of the heart -related diseases are obtained over time and can be prevented, a healthy lifestyle is very important for long -term heart health.
Because dogs depend on their pet parents, you will take care of its diet and lifestyle. This month is the healthy month of the heart. We will share some tips to help maintain and improve your dog's heart health.

1. Exercise
Having healthy weight does not necessarily mean that your dog is in good condition. Regular exercise can help your pets to maintain strong and heart health.
Walking, running, swimming, and hiking are all good heart exercise methods. Please let your veterinaries recommend the ideal amount and method of exercise and method based on your dog's variety, age, and current health status.

2. Regular inspection
Even if you are very busy, please take your dog to the veterinarian at least every year. If your dog is older, it takes more times.
The physical examination can give your veterinarian a chance to discover the subtle changes in your dog's health and provide you with suggestions on how to prevent diseases or promote health. Therefore, even if your pet looks healthy, you should take him to see veterinarians on a regular basis.

3. Tooth protection
Tooth health problems are directly related to heart problems, because oral bacteria can enter blood and cause congestive heart failure.
If you notice that your dog has a tone, or its gum pain, gum bleeding, or excessive saliva, immediately take it to your veterinary office to check whether there are problems such as tartar, plaque or infection.

4. Prevention of wicked disease
Silk disease is also known as wicked wrapping disease. The signs of the diseased scholaria disease include:
• dry cough
• asthma
• anxiety
• False or loss of vitality
Please consult your veterinarian how to prevent dogs with wraithmic disease. He may prescribe some preventive drugs or topical cream for your dog.

5. Healthy and moderate diet
Diet plays a key role in maintaining pet health.
For example, obesity can make the heart work harder and cause problems. If you think your dog is fat, please consult your veterinarian for a healthy diet plan.
Daily monitoring of the food for dogs can help prevent obesity. Similarly, the quality of food you feed will affect its health. You need to ensure that your dog does not eat food in non -nutritious cards.


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