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What to do if your dog has arthritis? Can it heal itself?

Oct 06, 2023 11 0
What to do if your dog has arthritis? Can it heal itself?

Arthritis can be said to be the most common bone disease in dogs. According to incomplete statistics, one in every five dogs is ravaged by arthritis, especially in medium and large dogs. high-risk dog breeds.

There are many causes of arthritis in dogs, and the solutions are complicated. Pet owners cannot expect their dogs to heal on their own, but should understand the causes and take timely measures.

Causes of arthritis in dogs Dogs cannot avoid arthritis caused by age and genetic factors, but obesity and fatigue can avoid and reduce the incidence of arthritis. Especially when it comes to excessive exercise and fatigue, normal articular cartilage acts as a "shock absorber" and can cushion and lubricate joints during joint activities. Long-term excessive exercise in dogs can cause chronic wear and tear of joint cartilage, and excessive wear and tear of joint cartilage can easily lead to arthritis

The solution to dog arthritis is to first control the dog's weight and pay attention to reasonable feeding, instead of letting the dog eat "big fish and meat" every day. Dogs that already eat dog food normally should feed two to three tons a day. However, when you are seven to eight percent full every time, you can remove the food to avoid overeating and obesity. Secondly, maintain appropriate exercise, but be aware that excessive exercise will not only increase your dog’s pain but also aggravate joint damage. So try walking or swimming every day for exercise. The appropriate training time for dogs is 15-30 minutes every day. Do not feed the dog immediately after exercise, and rest quietly for at least 30 minutes, otherwise vomiting will occur easily.

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