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Rear Leg Harness

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Key Features:

  • Ideal for pets recovering from knee, hip or back injuries and procedures, or for managing your senior furbaby’s arthritis and limited mobility.
  • Designed to help your best friend stay active and mobile longer.
  • Built with a perforated material to help keep your furbaby comfy in the heat.

  • Extra-long adjustable handles are paw-fect for shorter dogs and cats.
  • Offers more room for male dogs to pee freely.


  • Help your pet to walk, climb, and live a normal life again after suffering from degenerative myelopathy , hip dysplasia , ACL tears or other debilitating ailments. To assist your canine companions by preventing hip pain and injury caused by aging.
  • Provide the strength and durability to handle your dog. Equipped with comfortable padding, perfect for protecting your hand for easy comfortable use. The soft fleece lining is easy on your dog's midsection.
  • A great replacement to your traditional dog sling carrier when supporting your dog's back legs. Stop bending over to lift your dog off of the ground. Our sling allows you to give your dog a lift without bending over.
  • Just take a few seconds to put your dog's rear legs in the harness after releasing the buckle,then buckle up and adjust the size. It’s easy and comfortable to carry with the padded handle.
    Avaliable in 4 sizes, please measure your dogs rear legs before your purchase. NOT for puppy or small size dog.

Rear Harness are ideal for:

  • In-hospital use during treatment walks for pets with limb weakness, recovering from orthopedic or spinal surgery, FCE, or injury from trauma.
  • During rehab exercises such as treadmill patterning, weaving, or cavaletti poles for pets weak in hind legs or recovering from surgery. Great for assisted standing use with weight shifting while still offering support.
  • Perfect for patients dealing with progressive mobility loss, compatible Walkin’ Wheels wheelchair
  • To provide rear leg support during rehabilitation when help is needed during the recovery process only.
  • This is great for senior pets who may need a little more support during walks or while recovering from injury.

Do Rear Harness for a Dog Work?

Yes, rear harnesses for dogs can be beneficial and effective, especially for dogs with mobility issues, injuries, or conditions affecting their hindquarters. Rear harnesses are designed to provide support to a dog's back legs and hips, assisting them in walking, standing up, climbing stairs, and maintaining balance.