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Hock Wrap for Dogs

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Dogs Adhesive Bandages 01 Dogs Adhesive Bandages 02
Dogs Adhesive Bandages

Protects against soiling on the go,Prevents misalignment,Sprains and strains,Post-injury rehabilitation

 Dog No-Knuckling Brace 01  Dog No-Knuckling Brace 02
Dog No-Knuckling Brace

Pick Their Foot Up Due to Injury, Disease,Back Leg Weakness.

No Knuckling Training Sock For Dogs 01 No Knuckling Training Sock For Dogs 02
No Knuckling Training Sock For Dogs

Fibrocartilaginous Embolism , Cervical Vertebral Instability CVI , Wobblers Syndrome,

$25.00 $28.00
Dog Brace for Hock Carpal  01 Dog Brace for Hock Carpal  02
Dog Brace for Hock Carpal

Front Leg Wrist Wrap,Hyperextension,Daily Mobility Needs

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Extra Supportive Dog Carpal Brace 01 Extra Supportive Dog Carpal Brace 02
Extra Supportive Dog Carpal Brace

With Hinged Metal Splints & Safety Reflective Luminous Straps

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$40.00 $49.00
Dog Hock Wrap Braces Protector 01 Dog Hock Wrap Braces Protector 02
Dog Hock Wrap Braces Protector

Arthritis, Injuries, Sprains, Post-Surgery, Protects Wound Healing

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$39.00 $49.00
What is the hock on a dog?
The hock joint of a dog or cat is equivalent to our ankle joint. The shin (tibia) bone is connected to the hock joint which then joins the talus bone (one of the bones of the paw). The fibula bone (splint bone) runs along the full length of the tibia bone.

Key Features:

  • EFFECTIVE SUPPORT: This dog knee brace is designed to provide targeted support, relieve discomfort, and speed up recovery of dog arthritis, ACL, and other dog injuries. A good hip dysplasia brace for dogs and other after-surgery recovery support.
  • UPGRADED ANTI-SLIP DESIGN: Anti-slip silicone ring and hock opening allows the brace to fit perfectly on the dog’s legs. No worrying about falling braces!
  • ADJUSTABLE TO FIT: Our hock & ankle support allows a comfortable and secure fit. With features such as a reinforced frame for maximum strength and durability, a dog braces for back legs for support.
  • QUALITY, DURABLE MATERIAL: Dog leg braces for back leg is made of quality fabric that gives protection & ensures comfort for your dog's skin. Made with lightweight material that’s guaranteed to last.
  • CHOSE THE RIGHT SIZE: To get an exact fit for dog acl brace hind leg support, measure the thigh circumference and leg height. Then refer to our size chart. If you get a measurement between sizes, choose the smaller one.


  • Comfortable Support: Our Dog Hock Wristbands offer your dog the comfort they deserve, ensuring they can move freely without discomfort or pain.
  • Improved Mobility: Witness your furry friend regain their zest for life as they explore, run, and play with renewed energy.
  • Preventive Care: These wristbands serve as a preventive measure, reducing the risk of hock joint injuries and minimizing strain on the joints over time.
  • Enhanced Bonding: By providing your dog with the care they need, you're strengthening the bond between you and your loyal companion.

Hock Wrap for Dogs are ideal for:

  • Dogs recovering from hock-related injuries or surgeries.
  • Senior dogs experiencing joint discomfort and arthritis.
  • Active dogs engaged in rigorous activities, such as agility training or sports.

Do Carpal Braces for a Dog Work?

Any carpal or hock joint instability is a very debilitating condition. This pain is often caused by trauma, like a fight with another dog or being hit by a car. Instability can be due to tearing of ligaments or a fracture of the fibula or bottom of the tibia bone. Osteoarthritis is another common condition affecting this region in dogs. If it is severe, your vet may feel that surgery is needed for the best outcome.

While waiting for surgery day, it is a good idea for your dog to wear a brace. After surgery, your pet will need a brace. Sometimes, in the event of a minor injury or when a pet is not a good candidate for surgery, a carpal brace for a dog is used instead of surgical intervention. A brace provides support. The brace fits the natural angle of the hock to prevent it from hyperextending. Once the joint is supported, your dog can move easily without any additional straining or tearing.