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Dog Hock Brace

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Dog Brace for Hock Carpal  01 Dog Brace for Hock Carpal  02
Dog Brace for Hock Carpal

Front Leg Wrist Wrap,Hyperextension,Daily Mobility Needs

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No Knuckling Training Sock For Dogs 01 No Knuckling Training Sock For Dogs 02
No Knuckling Training Sock For Dogs

Fibrocartilaginous Embolism , Cervical Vertebral Instability CVI , Wobblers Syndrome,

$25.00 $28.00
 Dog No-Knuckling Brace 01  Dog No-Knuckling Brace 02
Dog No-Knuckling Brace

Pick Their Foot Up Due to Injury, Disease,Back Leg Weakness.

Dog Hock Wrap Braces Protector 01 Dog Hock Wrap Braces Protector 02
Dog Hock Wrap Braces Protector

Arthritis, Injuries, Sprains, Post-Surgery, Protects Wound Healing

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$39.00 $49.00
Dogs Adhesive Bandages 01 Dogs Adhesive Bandages 02
Dogs Adhesive Bandages

Protects against soiling on the go,Prevents misalignment,Sprains and strains,Post-injury rehabilitation


Why do need Dog Hock Brace?

After the dog's heel is injured, it will be difficult to move and affect the normal life. KindlyDogs dog hock brace can relieve the heel injury and stabilize the lower limbs. The dog hock brace stabilizes a dog's ankle or hock injury, providing protection as they recover.

How Does Dog Hock Brace Work?

Dog hock braces can help prevent injuries and sprains and help your dog move more easily and without pain. The hock brace wraps at a natural angle to keep dogs from overextending. If your dog is doing strenuous exercise outdoors, the dog hock brace will prevent injury to that leg. If your dog suffers from hock instability, this neoprene dog hock brace helps hold the joint in place where scar tissue can build up. Once the joint is supported medially and laterally, your dog can move easily without straining the joint. Dog hock braces can also be used post-op.

How can I tell if my dog ​​has a hock injury?

If your dog can't get up when you play, check their legs and joints in particular. Hock injuries in dogs are usually accompanied by swelling, heat, and behavior changes. It is best to see a veterinarian before using a hock brace and to treat the dog on the doctor's recommendation.