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Dog Elbow Brace

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Dog Double Elbow & Shoulder Brace 01 Dog Double Elbow & Shoulder Brace 02
Dog Double Elbow & Shoulder Brace

Elbow Hygroma, Dysplasia, Arthritis, Shoulder Dislocation

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Hinged Dog Shoulder for Brace 01 Hinged Dog Shoulder for Brace 02
Hinged Dog Shoulder for Brace

Arthritis, Elbow Hygroma, Dysplasia, Shoulder Dislocation

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$50.00 $66.00
Labrador Elbow Support Brace 01 Labrador Elbow Support Brace 02
Labrador Elbow Support Brace

Elbow Arthritis,Hygroma,Dysplasia,Shoulder dislocation

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What is the Dog Elbow Brace?

The Kindlydogs' dog elbow brace comes with two velcro suspender stirrups that wrap around the back of your dog for quick and easy adjustments. Dogs can wear the brace during active hours of the day and the dog elbow brace should be removed during quiet times or when they will be left unattended. The Kindlydogs' dog elbow brace is extremely soft, durable, and designed with active dogs in mind.

Choosing an Elbow Brace for Your Dog

Dog elbow brace offers comfort to painful dysplasia, arthritic joints, protects against elbow pressure sores (ulcers), offers support and compression for joint instability and deformity, and helps prevent the formation of hygromas (fluid-filled inflamed areas) from laying on hard surfaces.
·For Hygromas
Elbow hygromas can come on suddenly. These fluid-filled swellings occur in response to repeated trauma to the tissue over bony prominences. They most commonly appear on the elbows of large breeds and overweight dogs. However, elbow hygromas can affect dogs of all sizes and breeds.
When selecting an elbow brace for your pet it’s important to consider ease of use, durability, and comfort.
·For Elbow Dysplasia
If your pet’s breed is one that’s prone to elbow dysplasia, dog wraps or a support brace can help stabilize the lower limp while keeping the paw free. This is especially important in breeds such as Labradors. The reigning champion for the most popular breed is prone to hip and elbow dysplasia, with risks increasing as they age. Rather than restricting movement, the brace provides stability to the joint, while still allowing freedom of movement. This will not only improve your pet’s quality of life but will allow them to continue being an active part of your family.