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Luxating Patella

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Dog Double Leg Brace 01 Dog Double Leg Brace 02
Dog Double Leg Brace

CCL or Collateral Ligament sprains

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Hinged Dog Leg Brace 01 Hinged Dog Leg Brace 02
Hinged Dog Leg Brace

Luxating Patella, Arthritis

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Dog Hind Legs Protector  01 Dog Hind Legs Protector  02
Dog Hind Legs Protector

Protective gear for recovering injured or diseased legs for dogs

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Luxating Patella Dog Knee Brace 01 Luxating Patella Dog Knee Brace 02
Luxating Patella Dog Knee Brace

Torn ACL,Arthritis,Cruciate ligament

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Hinged Dog Leg Brace (left and right) 01 Hinged Dog Leg Brace (left and right) 02
Hinged Dog Leg Brace (left and right)

Tear ACL CCL/Cross Brace

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Doberman Pinscher Knee Brace for Patella Luxation  01 Doberman Pinscher Knee Brace for Patella Luxation  02
Doberman Pinscher Knee Brace for Patella Luxation

Osteoarthritis,Patella luxation,Limping, instability, or exhaustion in the back


What is the Luxating Patella on a dog?

Patellar luxation occurs when the kneecap slides or pops out of place from the femoral groove when the knee flexes, causing the dislocation. Dogs with patellar luxation tend to have a more shallow femoral groove or a general malalignment of the limb involving the femur, tibia or hip.

Key Features:

Dog braces for luxating patellas typically come in two options. Rigid knee braces hold the patella firmly in place and do not allow for any movement of the knee cap. Over time, the lack of movement can cause muscle loss and atrophy if used incorrectly or for too long.


  • RELIEVE PAIN AND BETTER RECOVERY : Dog knee brace for luxating patella provides 360° wrap-around support. Dog acl knee brace warms the knee joint, improves circulation and relieves joint pain.Dog hind leg brace prevents the dog from licking the wound and is comfortable and breathable, improving oxygen delivery and better helping the dog recover from the wound.
  • SAFE AND COMFORTABLE : The newly designed and upgraded dog double hind leg knee brace with a unique removable front chest strap. Knee brace for dogs allows you to not worry about the brace slipping off your dog's leg and also provides more comfortable protection for your dog. Dog acl brace has a reflective strip, which makes it safer for dogs at night or when walking outdoors.

Luxating Patella Brace for Dog are ideal for:

Dog braces for back leg for support has built-in support strips to give stronger support before and after ACL/CCL surgery. Acl support brace for dogs provides a stable support for the dog's hind legs, reducing the burden when aged dog walking. Support strips are desinged to give more support and convence to dogs and owners.

Do Luxating Patella Brace  for a Dog Work?

Dog Knee Brace Options for Luxating Patella. A luxating patella can be a painful condition for dogs, but it is also very treatable. In severe cases, surgery may be required, but in many cases a dog brace provides adequate treatment.